Retail eCommerce

Personalise Shopping Experience with Advanced Analytics

Today, empowered customers have a range of touchpoints, channels and devices to connect with and customers want nothing short of a seamless experience across channels. For organisations to win customer confidence, it is now an absolute imperative to be with customers at every step of the customer journey.

Retailers that make a mark by winning loyal customers are the ones who are able to personalize customer experiences.

Acuma brings its domain and technology expertise to the forefront to guide retailers to capture customer information, promote personalized customer experience to stay ahead of competition. We guide retailers to strengthen their digital agenda, leverage our capabilities across Artificial Intelligence, product engineering, advanced analytics, Cloud, mobile, RPA and Internet of Things (IoT) to build customer-centric digital retail, streamline operations, cement customer loyalty and increase revenues.

With a fount of retail knowledge, experts at Acuma offer the most-fitting retail solutions for retailers to rethink their supply chain, optimize order fulfilment, promote omnichannel commerce, roll out personalized promotions and take advantage of customer-centric pricing to improve operational efficiency, nurture personalized customer experience and win loyal customers.

Acuma provides offers solutions and services to augment retail performance across: