UK Public Sector

Leveraging data to enhance citizen’s life

Today, there is a growing need for UK public sector organisations to keep digital technologies at the fore to augment services such as pension, healthcare, education, housing, transportation, and law enforcement. The evolving demands in the era of modernised public service delivery only reiterates the need for using digital technologies to reshape public service delivery, build flexible and effective services. Whether it is about improving peoples’ lives, cutting costs while rendering top class services or improving healthcare and education facilities, public sector organisations now rely on data more than ever to bolster decision making across the service spectrum.

As rapid disruption takes hold of the public sector, organisations make the transition to digitally empowered enterprises by driving key digital moments with Cloud, Big data, Business Intelligence (BI), Machine learning, and Robotics Process Automation (RPA).

Acuma Solutions has grown into a preferred partner for Government entities driving transformational changes across State and Local Governments as well as other public entities across the globe. Acuma offers services to ensure that Government and public sector entities integrate legal and business processes, facilitate change management, adopt robust budget and funding strategies for faster and more accurate decision-making, and in turn reduce operational, maintenance and new development costs. With deep public sector knowledge and technical sophistication, Acuma helps public sector entities to get an enterprise-wide view of business, improve quality of service delivery and nurture intelligence driven decision-making.

Today, Acuma guides government and UK public sector organisations to leverage data powered insights to devise better plans for citizens. Acuma’s consultative approach and solution designing have risen into valuable features that help differentiate itself from its G-cloud peers.

Our solutions coupled with vast industry expertise help the government and public sector organisations to acquire the following: