Public Sector

Public sector organizations are facing a range of challenges such as complex mission critical requirements, high expectations of service levels from the citizen, rapid technology changes, and increased budget pressures to deliver more for less. At Acuma we help public sector organizations address these challenges, and deliver improved outcomes. We bring commercial best practices and industry solutions to suit specific requirements in different regions / countries and renowned execution capabilities to deliver measurable value with predictability.

Acuma have worked extensively with Public Sector organisations, both Central Government and Local Government, to ensure that they have the right information, in the right place, at the right time. We help them

  • Improve their customer experience
  • Enable their staff to work flexibly, efficiently and effectively
  • Protect and manage information in compliance with best practice and
  • Promote a culture of transparency, collaboration and innovation.
  • With cost savings

Our services

our services

Poor data quality in the public sector causes needless rework, inefficiency and frustration. But the consequences can also extend to missed deadlines and opportunities, misinformed decisions, financial penalties, loss of trust and negative public perception and even affect the welfare of citizens in some cases.

Acuma provides consultancy, design, implementation, support and training for all the major Information Management platforms to help you to:

  • Co-ordinate data from multiple sources to eliminate departmental silos
  • Enable easy access to a unified view of trusted information from any angle – a “single version of the truth”
  • Reduce the direct and indirect costs of incomplete, inaccurate and inconsistent data
  • Create a solid, trustworthy foundation for analysis and decision support to drive strategy and policy-making
  • Ensure transparency and rapid response to public information requests

IM Assessment and Strategy

IM Assessment and Strategy

Acuma has vast experience in delivering IM projects, and has successfully implemented hundreds of solutions, across the full spectrum of data integration, data quality, data warehousing and business intelligence.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

With a continued emphasis on transparency and accountability, public sector entities need to be able to see, think and act clearly to provide high quality, cost effective services.

Mobility Services


Acuma’s enterprise mobility expertise can help Public Sector organisations adapt a mobile first approach (both in reaching out to citizens and arming their employees with mobile devices).

Cloud based services

Cloud based services

We help our clients with assessment of their current IT set-up, Provide a roadmap to migrate to Cloud which will be non disrupting to their on-going business.