As the economy grows, opportunities are also growing for manufacturers. With maximising profits at the forefront of business strategies, manufacturing organisations need to understand their customers and products in more detail.

In order to gain a true understanding, manufacturing organisations need to know how to make the most profit whilst maintaining costs. This combined approach is difficult to maintain and is often left to month end reporting.

Acuma have helped many manufacturing organisations bring cost and revenue data together to provide more actionable information to decision makers at the right time.

Through a fully integrated Business Intelligence solution, manufacturing organisations are able to intelligently improve their profits through improved customer satisfaction and emerging sales opportunities.

Acuma are able to provide the right information, in the right format, at the right time to the right people in order to provide a competitive advantage.


IM and BI allows Manufacturing organisations to identify profitable customer and products whilst maintaining costs in order to drive revenue.

We have worked with a number of Manufacturing organisations to produce higher profits and deliver actionable sights when required.

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