Logistics and Transportation

Digitisation, new-gen logistics technologies, evolving market dynamics and raising customer expectations are major forces transforming the Logistics & Transportation industry. With the empowered customer playing a pivotal role in accelerating the transformative transport and logistics journey, Transport Management organisations are turning to Analytics, Cloud, Internet of Things (IoT) and omnichannel model to promote autonomous tracking, predictive networks and agile supply chain to assure enriched customer experience across delivery channels.

For Logistics & Transportation companies, digitisation has been the force driving anticipatory logistics into the mainstream. With the Logistics & Transportation industry turning into a data-centric sector, organisations bank on IoT, big data and predictive analytics to embrace intelligence-driven logistics by way of predicting customer demands, promoting on-time deliveries, improving network efficiency and optimising capacity.

Acuma collaborates with 3PL organisations to strengthen the core of their business  – customer experience, retention and cost reduction. We build Transport Management & Terminal Operating Solutions for our clients on key technologies including IoT, Digital, Advanced Analytics and Logistic & Supply Chain across the value chain to promote enriched customer experience, and increase operational vigor.

At Acuma, advanced analytics experts leverage their machine learning expertise to ensure that our clients conquer demand management and freight planning challenges, drive operational agility and support faster deliveries.

Our Transportation Technology solutions:

What does it mean for your business?

  • Analytics will drive logistics

  • Improved last-mile delivery

  • More efficient and automated shipping

  • Reduced commute times, traffic congestion and vehicle emissions