Transportation & Logistics

Digital Transformation has influenced each and every industry, market and corporates and Logistics and Distribution industry is no exception. It has caused a significant shift in the way in which business is now being undertaken. From tracking delivery status through mobile devices, to accepting and billing transactions and executions through online applications, the industry has been able to leverage a lot of what digitization has to offer and improve the user experience.

Digitization also helps with existing applications to renew automation, Legacy conversion, modernization and testing, thus reducing costs and improve efficiency. It also facilitates creating and expanding the business models through predictive analytics thus reduces costs, saves time, and work under a flexible environment. This will help organizations in two-folds: One by expanding the existing business operations and the other, by exploring newer dimensions.

The key areas that the Logistics and Distribution industry must ensure they can effectively monitor and exploit include:

Customer information: analyse your customers in order to have a more accurate view of your accounts, provide the best service, identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities and improve customer retention.

Supply chain control: monitor your supply chain and identify areas for improvement, liaise and communicate more efficiently with your suppliers including importers, exporters and carriers, analyse shipping information including the speed and accuracy of deliveries.

Cost information: identify trends, compare sales target to actual sales, examine delivery routes, carry out vehicle analysis and predict future revenues in order to become more flexible.

Performance analysis: compare performance across regions, analyse delivery loads and track KPI’s including delivery times, cost and revenue per journey and number of overruns.

Instant access: Track your goods on the go, from anywhere, anytime to predict the delivery time and delay for financial and security purpose.