Independent Software Testing Services

Reliable and competent software testing solutions assure robust quality and consistent performance of IT applications that are increasing becoming heart of modern organizations with significant contribute to the functioning, process, and effective management of customer base. Expert software testing services influence the overall cost, dependability, performance, scalability, and security of applications ensuring comprehensive benefits for both software developers and end users.

360logica Software Testing Services: Extensive and Infallible

Designed to offer flawless solutions, 360logica provides extensive software testing services covering multiple sectors. Committed team of professionals led by experienced program managers remains in constant touch with clients to delineate their exact and industry-specific requirements. The proactive communication through project managers keeps them abreast of the latest development and delivery schedule. 360logica has fully developed process in place for software testing services in place that guarantees international standard of delivery, on-time accomplishment, and the minimum possible cost investment.

We offer end-to-end software testing solutions, including:

Component & Unit Testing

Component and unit testing makes sure that an application is completely bug free and has the maximum possible ability to deliver effectively in the real environment. This type of software testing solution identifies bottlenecks in each and every component separately regardless of their complexity and size and clears bugs individually. The process of integration looks into the functioning and security of applications as a whole and checks its domain-specific performance bit by bit. Both the unit and components are examined against the extensive range of values for potential liability and breakdown. We ensure each module remains robust both in isolation and integrated through superior software testing services.

Core Testing Services

360logica has the competence in software testing and quality assurance services. With vast experience and broad expertise, 360logica ensures an absolute quality and high degree reliability. In addition, the in-house expert and proficient testers with adequate knowledge about the industry and the latest tools empowers the testing process. Moreover, dedicated teams and support with affordable service packages help in enhancing the delivery standard and improves the efficiency of customer applications.

Database & Platform Testing

Designed to fully support and enhance the vitality of database applications for organizational operation, our data base and platform testing solutions include a wide spectrum of services. With expertise gained through comprehensive experience, 360logica professionals have demonstrated capability in database behavior, integration, generation, and event driven item testing. We are also proficient in detecting and correcting regression bugs and providing assistance for maintaining database consistency and correctness.

Localization Testing

With profound experience in global consulting, 360logica offers specialist end-to-end localization testing solutions. Our software testing services are capable of providing localization, field performance, substantiation, authentication, and post-localization validation testing for all types of language and technical requirements. We are readily available for quality functional testing, assured technical support, and bug fixing according to client requirement and place and assist them in software product localization process.

Security Testing

Growing security challenges has become a cause of worry for both application developers and end users. 360logica security testing experts have specialization in finding out design, operational, and architectural bottlenecks and weed out risks for good. We have stout ability to build risk-driven test cases considering a wide range of fixed and variable threats in both present and future scenario and validate architecture, files, design, interface, reliability, performance, and implementation against them. Our professionals also examine environment-specific interactions through penetration and static vulnerability tests and ensure the software testing solutions cover robust defense against hacking, information stealing, network attacks, virus infiltration, password cracking, HTML filtering, and SQL injection.

SOA & Web Services Testing

We do not confine the software testing services process to risk detection and fixing, but strive to make applications more prudent to control and further business objectives. 360logica offers all-inclusive performance and functional testing services geared toward making Service Oriented Architecture is potent, protected, and scalable. Our SOA and web services testing solutions enhance the potency of applications while making them more compatible and robust. Special attention is given to validation of interoperability and vulnerability so that applications remain immune to threats and breakdowns in heterogeneous environment.

System Testing

360logica software testing services offer to weed out nonchalant issues while improving functional and non-functional features. Each and every requirement is thoroughly tested until the system testing fully validates specifications and the compliance with business deliverables. Focus remains on identifying defects at the early stage. We employ the most suitable tools and the most recent technologies backed years of experience across different platforms and sectors to garner maximum possible benefit for our partners and reflect their exact expectations.

Usability & Content Testing

No application can be successful without a satisfying end user experience. 360logica software testing solutions are designed with focus on product usability and utilization. A great deal of attention is paid to extensive SWAT analysis so that design, architecture, and features of product applications to ensure their sector-specific functionality, compliance, and convenient handling. Applications are tested and validated for their compatibility with other software, Internet, internal processes, multimedia applications, and consumer electronic devices. Our software testing services dig out and resolve usability problems and ensure that a software, including its aesthetics, are consumer friendly.

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