Product Support

We offer Product,Support to customers who purchase/renew their product licenses via Acuma. A dedicated support contact makes sure that incidents are responded to and closed within the defined SLA. In some cases (mostly when dealing with product bugs & change requests) incidents will be escalated to the product vendor.

Standard Product support is provided during business hours and extended support is provided for critical issues outside of business hours. Extended support can be arranged in advance outside business hours for planned changes to mission critical systems – speak to your account manager or support manager for more details. You can contact support services via e-mail, phone, fax and the live online chat.

Stability, reliability and performance are key to promoting user adoption and increasing ROI in BI systems, which is why BI system health checks are included as part of our Product Support package. During this exercise, our expert consultants will review your BI setup, fix any short-term issues, provide recommendations and best practices for optimum usage and performance.

In addition to access to the vendor’s support website, you will also benefit from having access via FTP to product downloads & updates and free on-site demos of new products & features. A dedicated account manager will work with your organization to ensure that you are getting the most out of your BI investment and successfully compete in today’s marketplace.

Why we are the best?

We’ve been in the business of BI for nearly 20 years, with over 120 customers and a 98% adherence to SLA our support team skilled, experienced and process driven providing you with an efficient yet personalised service.

Switching to Acuma Support


Moving your BI Product Support to Acuma could never have been easier. Get in touch with our account management team and they will walk you through the simple process of switching your product support contract to Acuma.

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