Gone are those days when testing and Quality Assurance were simply done to detect and remove bugs. In this digital world where almost all the daily activities are recorded, developed or transacted through various applications, Quality Assurance (QA) and Testing is used to enhance the user-experience, give 100% security to data and transactions, and provide overall efficiency. As demands and expectations reach an all-time high with tight competition, you need solutions such as Reusable Functional Testing framework, Test process improvement model, Proof-Of Concept for Test Automation, Mobile Lab (Pay as Use) to improve time-to-market and optimize cost of various offerings.


Acuma offers world class testing solutions to clients all over the world. Our testing – Center of Excellence empowers clients with high quality, secured and user friendly applications that are tested and ensured to meet the high demand and expectations of the user community.

Business Benefits :

Acuma’s Center of Excellence establishment offers the following benefits to its customers.

  • High Quality business applications by eliminating high-severity defects up to 95%

  • 35% reduction in overall testing cost

  • Improved time-to-market by at least 20%

  • Durability increased with at least 25% reduction in maintenance cost

  • Reduced technical and business risks