Acuma’s RPA Testing

Today, more and more organisations are adopting Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as it affords easy implementation and as these bots reduce operational expenditure. With RPA becoming mainstream, organisations face the imperative of devising a comprehensive strategy for Testing and implementation.

Acuma solutions offers RPA testing for application software covering web, industrial robots, machine controllers and other flexible automation equipment, machine vision, and systems.

RPA testing process:

Identify -> Automate -> Monitor

Our RPA testing approach:

  • Collect data from industrial/construction machines and allot the same according to the requirement

  • Generate automation scripts in V+ and verify keyword behaviour

  • Rewrite code based on the requirement and execute them

  • Understand Robots physical structure and their keyword instructions

  • Create a framework to execute all scripts at once

How are we different?

Acuma possesses the ability to understand business process, create test data, create a framework, trigger the bots and validate the same.

Tools used:

C#, Robot Emulator, Ace (IDE for V+), NUnit, DirectX9, .NET 4.0, Blueprism, UiPath