Performance and Functional Testing

Performance and functions of an application are not just limited to adding a few functions, but go further in ensuring that they work seamlessly. Testing experts at Acuma are proficient in using open source automation tools to facilitate functional, performance, regression, and Web testing.

Acuma’s expertise in using personalised selenium automation framework guarantees high-quality open-source testing of applications and improved integration and compatibility testing.

Focus on functional testing:

  • Unit testing
  • Integration testing
  • System testing
  • Interface testing
  • Regression testing
  • User-acceptance testing

Tools we use for Functional Testing: Ranorex, Selenium, Test IO, Telerik, CUIT

Performance is a key aspect of e-commerce, online gaming and social networking websites. Though most of these sites have similar functionalities, the success of the website depends on the website performance. These websites ought to be tested for response time, reliability, resource usage, and scalability.

Our testing team is proficient in investigating, analysing, and handling the delivery output of all types of software/hardware to ensure that they adhere to the set performance parameters. We make sure that your application works reliably under simultaneous user loads by making good use of mature open source testing software.

Our three-level approach ensures bottlenecks are reported at the right place and maximises value for our customers.

Tools we use for Performance Testing: Load Runner, Jmeter, Blaze Meter, NeoLoad, Webload, Grinder, Net Balancer, MS Visual Test Studio etc.