Signing up or switching your support to Acuma is as simple as dropping us an email stating you want our support services and we will take it from there. In some cases there is a notification period for transferring support from other vendors but custom support can be arranged during the transition period.

You can contact the Acuma Technical Help Desk via email, telephone, fax and the chat feature on the home page of our support website. Email support@acuma.co.uk , telephone 0870 789 4111, fax 0870 789 4250 or chat to us on https://www.acuma.co.uk/support/

You can log a support call by dropping us a short email with a description of the issue and your contact details, alternatively call our support desk on the number above and explain the issue to our consultant. Our response times will vary depending priority of the issue, our average response time is within 3 hrs.

If you are not happy with the progress on your call and want to escalate any of your calls all you need to do is drop an email to the support desk with “Escalate” followed by the call reference in the subject line of your email and your call will be escalated to the Head of Product Support within Acuma.

On successfully closing a call our support consultant will send you two feedback questions regarding the speed & quality of our service and an optional question on any additional comments you may have. We would really appreciate it if you can take a minute to answer these questions as they help us serve you better.

Yes – As an Information Management Specialist Acuma provides consultancy services on BI and ETL design, development and delivery. You can visit https://www.acuma.co.uk/ for more information on consultancy services and experience. If you are an existing customer please speak to your account manager at Acuma or drop an email to support@acuma.co.uk and we will get in touch.

Yes – Acuma are certified training partners with leading BI product vendors and offer bespoke training to suit your needs. For more information on our courses and schedule please visit http://acuma.co.uk/services/training/ or email us on training@acuma.co.uk