Product Support Services

Acuma offers L1/L2 support to help clients maintain a stable environment. Acuma adopts incident-driven model of support to deliver services aimed at facilitating effective business operations. Through this model, Acuma resolves technical related problems threatening clients and helps implement bug-fixes and enhancements.

Salient features of our product support include:

  • Publishing SLA compliance reports and incident reports
  • Enabling Annual Health check
  • Resolving incidents/support calls

Product Support

Issue analysis

When a support consultant is involved in analysing an issue that gets logged, the following tasks are performed as part of the activity.

  • After being notified of the issue that gets logged, support consultant scans the repository to check if there had been previous occurrences of the Issue
  • Consultant analyses the issue, in case of the issue being reported for the first time
  • Either a fix is provided or a workaround that may not be permanent solution is provided

Issue Resolution

During this stage, emphasis is laid on making the application functional as soon as possible. This is done with the aid of a fix/workaround, which is to serve as a temporary solution.

During this phase, a Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is performed for every issue and a recommendation is offered to fix the issue permanently.

The prime objective of this analysis is to identify the root cause of the problem and ensure:

  • Corrective action is taken immediately to restore operations with minimal disruption
  • Complete solution is implemented to solve the problem at hand

Issue Closure

Once diagnosis is performed and the necessary steps have been taken to resolve the issue, Acuma support consultant closes the incident after the client personnel confirms that the resolution for addressing the incident is satisfactory.