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Business Intelligence for smarter enterprises

For organisations, moving from data to actionable intelligence is a journey riddled with challenges taking shape as unceasing data flow, data in silos and data in various formats. With disparate systems driving business operations and creating an unending flow of data, organisations want to maximize value from data by augmenting data integration and data management. Organisations have now come to rely on robust Business Intelligence solutions to translate data into intelligence, extract business insight and use it to their advantage.

Acuma’s Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse solutions guide organizations to transform data into intelligence and accelerate decision-making. Leveraging Microsoft (MSBI), SAP Business Intelligence tools and data warehouse concepts, consultants provide business intelligence services to help enterprises make the most of data and accelerate time-to-decisions.

Acuma combines business domain with technical expertise to assess and strategise right BI solutions for our customers resulting in improved decision-making and increased operational efficiency. Our strategic partnerships with business intelligence technology vendors including Microsoft and SAP help us to implement BI solutions empowering decision-makers to use key metrics in facilitating informed decisions. Acuma-Microsoft partnership allows us to leverage the most relevant Microsoft BI tools to analyse data, get instant answers and improve business performance.

Acuma’s Business Intelligence Solutions:

Relevant Case Study

Text analytics for product categorization

Client background: A leading provider of Innovative Business Solutions specializing in cloud based CRM solutions, Multi-channel Marketing, Omni Channel Order management, Business Intelligence, and ERP application

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