Big data to actionable intelligence

For organisations, big data analytics is a potent force driving data-to-actionable intelligence-to-monetisation journey. Organisations want to extract wisdom from big data to unearth new opportunities, make faster, intelligent decisions, improve business outcomes and generate more revenue.

Today, the enterprise world has more data to deal with – data flowing from audio, video, sensors, social media, machines and other sources. Organisations are overwhelmed with data of all types with data flowing from disparate sources, creating the opportunity to turn big data into a valuable asset. Big data has grown into a big asset allowing organizations to find answers for their complex challenges.

  • Who are the potential customers?
  • What services/products to offer proactively?
  • How to improve conversion rates?
  • Which customer channels promise more sales and revenue?

Where organisations seek to tap into the potentials of big data, accelerating the data-to-actionable intelligence-to-monetisation has become an enterprise journey that is more complex and challenging. The key to extracting actionable intelligence from data lies in acquiring the ability to overcome barriers – process-related, physical and organizational data barriers, stovepipes and data silos.

For organisations, it is of paramount importance to bring internal and external data together, manage data-in-motion to accelerate data to intelligence cycle while creating adequate infrastructure and leveraging big data technologies underpin organisational efforts to harness big data and drive business outcomes and revenue generation.

Our Big data approach:

Acuma helps organisations lay the right data and analytical foundation to seek actionable intelligence from big data. Our solutions leverage big data technologies to strengthen enterprise analytics capabilities and accelerate time to intelligence, guide organisations to realise new possibilities and achieve growth.

Our big data offerings include:

Acuma accelerates big data implementation with the in-house built, off-the-shelf framework, allowing organisations across industries and sectors to speed up the big data to actionable intelligence journey.

We help to reap value from big data by:

  • Defining end-to-end analytics architecture

  • Leveraging our Big data frameworks created to meet unique domain needs

  • Creating KPIs based on organisational needs

  • Deploying/scaling big data solutions

  • Using solution accelerators