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Advanced Analytics

Smarter business decision using advanced analytics

The digital age provides tremendous opportunities for enterprises to leverage data and advanced analytics to transform into insight-driven enterprises and drive business growth. While data holds the key to build intelligent enterprises, it also poses immense challenges – data in various formats, data from various sources and data at varying speeds. The phenomenal surge in data makes it increasingly difficult for enterprises to extract value from this information explosion, use analytics to strengthen decision-making.

Today, robust data management and analytics underpin enterprise efforts to accelerate data to intelligence cycle paving the way for informed business decisions. Looking beyond data and decision-making, organisations now want to realise the promise of big data and advanced analytics to grow revenues. Organisations now lean on advanced analytics techniques including prescriptive analytics, big data analytics, statistical modelling and machine learning algorithms to seek intelligence from data and address business problems.

By using big data and analytics across operations, processes, transactions and interactions, organisations want to bolster decision-making, take intelligence-driven actions to assure successful business results and generate more revenues.

Acuma’s advanced analytics offerings include:

Relevant Case Study

Reduced Customer churn rate using Churn Analytics for a logistics vendor

Client background: A leading 3PL solutions provider
Industry: Transportation & Logistics
Products/Services: Advanced Analytics

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