Automation Testing

Why do you need Automation Testing?

When it comes to software development lifecycle, reducing time and boosting the quality of testing are critical objectives that ought to be achieved. Automation Testing improves quality and reduces the time required to perform testing. Maximizing value from Automation Testing means devoting short time frames for exploratory tests while leveraging more time for maintaining test scripts and increasing overall test coverage. In agile software development, DevOps and frequent builds, automation testing can bring in the agility and quality required.

 Acuma’s approach to Automation Testing:

Acuma has deep domain expertise in building software test automation process for applications across several domains. Acuma’s automation methodology and framework help our customer in leveraging best practices and ensuring optimal use of resources. Our ability to adopt robust software test automation process, leverage tools and framework, especially selenium automation framework for API and CLI-based automation gives our customers a competitive edge.

When should I opt for Automation Testing?

Organisations should prefer automation testing:

  • For Mission-critical applications that require continuous monitoring

  • Test cases that are repeated frequently

  • Part of a full or partial regression suite, Load Testing, Performance Testing

  • Multi-user environment

  • Lesser turnaround time

Advantages of Automation Testing:

  • Higher accuracy due to computer-based testing eliminating chances of human errors

  • Performs testing at a large scale with utmost efficiency

  • Quick turnaround time

  • Saves cost

  • Easy integration into prevailing Test Suites/CI

Relevant Case Study

Selenium Testing for a US retailer

Client background: Second-largest discount store retailer in the United States

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