Custom Application Development

Custom Application Development


Managing ever growing business operations using the legacy systems and applications could be painful. Meeting the growing business demands, responding swiftly to the changing technological and business scenarios is difficult with Off-the-shelf applications. In order to maintain a competitive edge in the market, organisations are looking for custom applications suit their business requirements. These solutions should be cost-effective and developed quickly.

We at Acuma, have the experience and skillset to build custom-developed applications which suit your business requirements. Our technology experts work with the customers to develop solutions that provide various strategic benefits such as simpler architecture, faster time to market, agility and predictability.

We leverage industry best practices, global delivery standards, most modern tools and frameworks to analyse, define, design, develop, test, rollout, adopt, and maintain custom software solutions. One of the things that differentiate Acuma from others is the ability to cater to today’s needs while foreseeing the possible growth and changes in the future.

With a strong talent pool and proactive approach, we provide solutions in areas such as Custom Product Development, New Apps Development, Legacy App Redesign, Rapid Prototype Development, Feature Enhancement, Code / Performance Optimisation, Application APIs, Internet GUI Enablement, Customised Testing.

We develop and manage large scale custom applications for Banking Financial Services and Insurance, Credit Management, Telecom, Public Sector, Travel, Logistics & Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Retail Companies. Our applications have helped customers increase their productivity apart from getting higher returns on their investment.

Business Benefits

  • Lower maintenance and operational costs
  • Higher return on investments (ROI)
  • Minimum risk
  • Reduced development cycle
  • Scalability solutions
  • Increased ability to achieve the organisational goals

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