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The Pricing tool can be used to look for OLO offers from our 3rd Party partners. OLO Pricing is available for Ethernet and IP Services. OLO pricing is not available for Voice services via this tool.

For Ethernet services, we do not have OLO pricing available in the tool when both A and B end addresses are off-net. For these types of custom requests, please contact Colt. If the A-end is either Colt Fibre or Colt EFM and the B end is OLO, then we can usually offer a price online.

This example uses IP Access and explains how to search for OLO offers. Start by searching for the address.


An option called “Check for OLO Leased Line offers” is shown as in the screen shot below. Select this to start the OLO search

Address quality for OLO searches

The address is shown on the map with a marker.

Google rates the address as Excellent/ Good/Poor.

The Edit Address button should be used to correct the address if the Google suggestion is not good. For example, in Italy and some other countries in S Europe, Google autosuggestions are not as good as elsewhere. In the UK a full postcode is required by several carriers in order to provide a quote and Google sometimes only provides the first 3-4 characters of the postcode – particularly in the London area.

Select Get OLO Offers to start the search. You will see the search in progress.

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