About the Troubled Families Programme:

 The Troubled Families Programme was launched with four key measures by which it would be judged. These were to get children back into school, reduce crime and anti-social behaviour, get adults into work, and to reduce the costs associated with troubled families that hit the public purse.

 The government has allocated £920 million to help 400,000 families during phase 2 (2015-20).  As per the latest report, there is still £356 million pounds which can be utilised by Councils to improve their local communities.

How we can help you access those funds?

Councils have all the data about their communities in disparate formats and sources. However, the key challenge is processing this data.  By fusing and combining data sets from multiple sources, it becomes possible to build a single 360 degree view.  We can do this for you.

There is time still left before the programme ends in March 2020, and opportunities remain for local authorities to access central funding, via Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government.

By leveraging solutions from SAP, Acuma can help you in identifying these families and help you to access the funding.

Success Story:

One example is with a Northern Council, where there is a focus on early intervention, with the view that this can eventually lead to a reduction in demand for services (in itself is a useful way for public sector bodies to effectively manage their finite resources). Early results are hugely promising:

  • 3 million data points

  • 10 data sources (Council legacy systems)

  • 45,000 households/families monitored

  • 22,000 “single” criteria families identified

  • Attachments raised by 139%(min. 2 criteria)

  • PbRsraised by 452%

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