Remote Support

As part of the troubleshooting and investigation process, we often need to connect remotely to your workstation. Acuma Remote Support (RS) tool based on the Teamviewer application lets you share your desktop with the support consultant.

The instructions below explain how to start a remote desktop sharing session using this tool.

1. Click here to download the zip file.
2. Extract the AcumaRS.exe file and run it.
3. Provide the support consultant with the ID and password in the main screen.

A session dialog will appear in the bottom right corner of your screen. To end the session simply click the “X” in the session dialog box. If you are unable to use the AcumaRS tool please inform your support consultant.

Remote Support Tool

The Acuma Remote Support (RS) tool allows support consultants to view and interact with your system remotely. It requires no installation or admin rights.

Download Acuma RS

SAP Netviewer

Download SAP Netviewer