Veri-sens is a comprehensive Ready-to-Go Business Intelligence solution for Retail Banking and Credit cards. It reads, transforms and integrates data from multiple banking operational systems, builds information cubes with business logic, and finally presents pre-defined intelligent dashboards and reports.

Ready-to-go Intelligence

Unlike traditional business intelligence products that expect you to start from ‘Level Zero’, Veri-sens comes with a full suite of ready to use dashboards and reports.

Reduced Deployment Time

Veri-sens offers the flexibility of a custom application, with the implementation speed of an off-the-shelf product. The component-based architecture of Veri-sens allows the best mix-and-match strategy with third-party products (industry standard tools) or internally developed systems.

Veri-sens combines the domain knowledge of experienced bankers, with the technical expertise of a skilled development team to provide you with accurate and powerful insights into the key performance indicators of your business.

For more information on how we can help you ‘hit the ground running’ you can email us or call us on 0870 789 4321.