Accurate customer information is critical for all organisations today. With increased competition, it is even more important to provide superior service, plan effective marketing strategies and campaigns, evaluate financial impact of customer relationships and effectively manage risk.

The Dedupe System helps improve the accuracy of your customer data through a combination of matching techniques, algorithms and phonetic functions – providing you with a truly Unified Customer View.

The Dedupe solution is a web-based product that provides the flexibility to create and modify search algorithms and define accuracy thresholds based on multiple parameters. The system will identify unique records across multiple data sources and build a Unified Customer View.

The data structures of each data set may be unique and can be defined, which makes it simple to map this data and use it for accurate matching and consistent customer information. It is also the foundation for ‘Know Your Customer’ compliance.

If you would like to discuss how Dedupe can give you a truly ‘Unified Customer View’ or to discuss how we could help improve your data quality, please don’t hesitate to contact us.