Information governance remains a key priority for the public sector against a backdrop of unprecedented reform. The public sector is becoming ever more technologically and digitally advanced, with data and information at the heart of more and more of everyday activities.

The Government has had a clear desire to improve information sharing in order to establish more effective public services. In March 2014, the Government announced a £1.5 million funding, which will support organisations who want to improve their publication data as part of a government push to increase transparency.

Now more than ever, information governance strategies are essential for the effective provision of key services. Striking the right balance between the dual considerations of sharing information and confidentiality is a priority.

Acuma have worked extensively with Public Sector organisations, both Central Government and Local Government, assisting clients such as Manchester City Council, Lancashire County Council, Home Office, Thames Valley Police, Scottish Ambulance Service and many more. A recent project has been the development and production of ‘State of the City’ report, providing a public overview of the City involved.