Client background: A leading micro-influencer marketing platform company connecting B2C brands with influencers


Sentiment analysis for micro-influencer marketing platform

Business Challenge

  • Understand audience sentiment

  • Predict social media trends

  • Identify trending content

  • Identify influencers for marketing strategy

  • Target right influencers and audience for improving customer acquisition

Business Solution

  • Used sentiment analysis with scoring algorithms like Convolutional Neural Networks or Maximum Entropy Models to predict sentiment

  • Sentiment analysis to identify influencers

  • Predictive analysis on influencer performance

  • Predict content type for influencers, right time to post and the outcome of the engagement

Business Benefits

  • Facilitated effective campaigns to enhance marketing ROI

  • Sentiment across social sites were readily available

  • Social influencers were easily identified

  • Improved customer acquisition ratio


  • Python, R, JSON,

  • Java, Spring, jQuery

  • AngularJS, PhP, Kafka, MongoDB, tAPI,

  • Google Analytics, Facebook Graph API