Client background: A leading Telecommunications company
Industry: Telecom
Products/Services: R & Tableau (Advanced Analytics)


Business Challenge

  • Identify major initiators of churn

  • Identify customer segment that would witness more churn

  • Predict customers who will churn in near future

  • Adopt effective strategies to mitigate churn and retain customers

Business Solution

  • Leveraged R Programming for feature engineering, variable transformation

  • Used Tableau for Exploratory data analysis

  • Leveraged R-Studio for building the Logistic Regression model

Business Benefits

  • The predictive model achieved 78% accuracy

  • Discovered key drivers for churn

  • Deciphered that premium segment is the most viable segment for churn

  • Arrived at the Contract Value when critical threshold in churn propensity would happen

  • Out of 2400 active circuits, 504 circuits were predicted to churn

  • Rolled out personalized campaigns to reduce churn


  • R and Tableau