Transportation and Logistics

In the digital era, be it an uber or tracing a package, customers wanted to know when they are likely to have access to them. Thanks to the e-commerce revolution, they have set the benchmark yet another level. Acuma’s transportation & logistics solution can help you meet your customer’s expectation, from just tracking a package to managing the entire logistics journey.  Our advanced supply chain analytics and vehicle management software can help you to reap more profits from the same fleet and team size.

Our Transportation Technology solutions:


Managing your logistics has never been so easier. Our 3PL solutions will streamline and simplify your business process.

Supply Chain Analytics

With in-depth understanding on ‘how your products are flying off-the-shelf’, you can optimise your inventories.

Geofencing Apps

Real-time geo-fencing, geo-locating, route-mapping mobile & web applications can help your business stay afloat without downtime

Vehicle Management System

Our custom vehicle management system can help in managing your fleet & tracking everything related to your vehicle. This software can improve your profitability significantly.

Carriers Tracking System

Our custom carrier tracking system can provide real-time visibility in carrier rates, negotiations, assignments and land performances

Transport Software

Keep everything under control. Manage the entire logistics chain using a custom developed Transportation Management System

What does it mean for your business?

  • Analytics will drive logistics
  • Improved last-mile delivery
  • More efficient and automated shipping
  • Reduced commute times, traffic congestion and vehicle emissions
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