Public Sector

Public Sector organisations are aggressively optimizing their strategies and business processes in order to keep up with the booming private counterparts who have adopted latest technologies and best practices to provide the best solutions to customers. Today’s National and Federal Government programs are paced fast and vigilant, under strict budget constraints that has to be optimized to cover all the investments made to suit the needs of the stakeholders.

State and Local Governments are concentrating on projects that rejuvenate the economy and the social sector. The success of these projects depends on Digital Transformation, Information Management, Business Intelligence, Analytics, Legacy migrations, Portal and content management.

Acuma ensures that Government and public sector entities can integrate legal and business processes, facilitate change management and provide budget and funding strategies for faster and more accurate decision-making and reduce operational, maintenance and new development costs. (SOICO- ECONOMIC & interdependencies) The global presence helps Acuma to bring in their experience and strategic capability to government and public entities of any country to have their vision completely aligned with the policy compliances and get the maximum benefit.

Acuma uses the domain expertise from having worked with State and Local Governments and other public entities around the world to enhance their business and operational capabilities through consulting, design, enterprise optimization, technology and business alignment etc. (experience and credibility)

Our solutions, couples with vast industry expertise help the government and public sector to attain:

  • Enhanced transparency and accuracy governance: The fully or partially automated processes ensure access to real time or near real time information to various stakeholders
  • Real-time data: You can now make business decisions based on real-time data
  • Better accessibility: The accessibility and affordability of public services increases through our workflow-driven processes and web-enabled solutions
  • Increased Agility: You can manage change effectively and quickly by applying our process precision and expertise in customized workflow models and government domains
  • Security Compliance: We provide technologies such as biometrics, single sign-on, level or user based access to data to ensure high security compliance of both government as well as personal data
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