Banking, Financial Services and Insurance

Next generation banking, financial and insurance (BFSI) companies requires an in-depth customer insights, robust and scalable IT infrastructure to acquire leadership position.

Today’s financial sector works in a more competitive environment. It’s often said that a company which isn’t growing is getting smaller—there’s really no such thing as standing still any more. Technology is acting as a catalyst for getting that competitive edge. BFSI sector need to start creating products or services which suits their customer better. By understanding your customer investments / spending pattern and recommending products will help him to become more loyal to the company.

As a leader in offering information management solutions for the past 25 years, Acuma has been helping Banking, Financial and Insurance companies with predictive insights which is helping them to exploit the emerging opportunities. By working with leading multi-national banks across the globe we help them not only with scalable IT solutions and regulatory compliance but also enhancing their end customer’s experience. We have mapped their customers and helped them the companies come out with new products / services targeting them. This has significantly improved their returns on IT investments.

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