Industry Focus

Information Management (IM) and Business Intelligence (BI) is not ‘one size fits all’, and industries usually have common objectives or legislation which shapes their IM and BI. Examples include, ‘One View of the Citizen’ within the Public Sector and the data access and privacy within the Banking and Financial Services industry.

Organisations need to be proactive in their attempts to comply with ever changing legislation and need to ensure that they not only comply now, but are protected for the foreseeable future.

Utilising our 25+ years experience, we have worked with clients from a host of industries, ensuring we took industry focus and applied individual care and attention to their needs. Some of the industries we have been tried, tested and trusted in include:


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Public Sector

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Retail eCommerce

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Transportation and Logistics

In the digital era, be it an uber or tracing a package, customers wanted to know when they are likely to have access to them. Thanks to the e-commerce revolution, they have set the…Read More »
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