Digitally Improving lives

Healthcare services provider constantly innovate to provide better solutions for their customers and technology plays a crucial role in order to stay ahead of their game.

Acuma’s highly flexible and interoperable solutions address the ever-growing technological demands of the healthcare sector. Our expertise in building enterprise/ mobile apps, devise custom analytics and leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) for creating world-class products, help our customers to deliver high-quality patient care.

Today, our customers have a better understanding of the conditions by using richer patient data and advanced analytics. By providing clinical insights, we aid physicians to prescribe precision treatments based on the individual needs thereby improving patient engagement. By taking health services to home via telehealth, we are helping people to heal from their homes.

Acuma understands the entire ecosystem of patient-providers and hospitals. With a team of healthcare functional experts and technologist, we have revolutionised healthcare for our customers globally. Our understanding on HIPAA, HITECH Act, MACRA enables us to maximise customer’s technology investments.