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Digital Transformation

In a hyper-connected world, businesses are constantly subject to, new threats, competition, channels and opportunities. To tackle all these challenges amidst growing complexities in technology, it is imperative that businesses embrace the digital transformation revolution.

What is Digital transformation?

We define digital transformation as a collaborative approach intertwining customers, employees and partners to improve operational efficiency and expand the business to new horizons. At the core, digital transformation is aimed at improving business through various touchpoints.

How do we help our customers embark the Digital Journey?

A digital transformation journey needs a phased approach starting with a clear digital roadmap, involving multiple stakeholders (both internal & external). Our ability to transform customer’s digital vision into reality relies on the 3 phased approach.

  • Discovery Phase – We use this phase to take stock of client’s requirements, user research and stories created and we understand the existing IT environment.
  • Alpha Phase – During this stage, we create prototypes, demonstrate services and identify risks. Once we have answers to all the customer’s questions, we prepare for Beta.
  • Beta Phase – We build the working versions, use real transactions, improve user experience, prioritise, test and plan for the service launch. We will continue to integrate it with the existing application and support the same. The digital transformation the customer thought about is a reality now.

Why digital transformation?

Digital transformation helps define business strategies based on technical capabilities and creates new-age applications to automatically extract critical information from the huge amount of data available. This, in turn, enables informed business decisions to be made on-the-fly. The ever-widening influence of mobility, analytics and cloud on every aspect of the business makes it all the more important to be agile.

Organizations are embracing digital transformation to:

  • Improve Customer Experience (CX)
  • Faster response to problems & quick decision making
  • Increase in productivity and can reduce some costs
  • New business opportunity

Why Acuma?

At Acuma, we have evolved from offering on-demand technology solutions to leading clients towards digital transformation. For us, this journey started with building digital competencies within the organisation and using these experiences to take our clients on a digital transformation journey.

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