Client background: A leader in mobility solutions helping mobile operators and service providers worldwide
Industry: Mobility
Products/Services: Compensation Management System

Business Challenge

  • Tedious employee evaluation and appraisal process conducted twice a year

  • Manual efforts to execute the process made it less effective

  • Data in silos- Employee data was maintained in Oracle ERP R12, and appraisal details were stored in PMS

  • Lack of data integration made the review process time consuming, ineffectual, foiling attempts to produce the expected outcome

Business Solution

  • Designed a compensation management system to help the client overcome potential challenges

  • Facilitated centralised access by integrating all the related data stored in various applications

  • Automated the entire compensation process

  • Provided greater control and visibility of data

  • Eliminated data duplication and inaccuracy

  • Promoted access to necessary data through an integrated framework, paving the way for easy and error-free analysis and better decisions

Business Benefits

  • Integration of complete employee data in less than an hour

  • End-to-End automation of the entire process increasing operational efficiency by 40%

  • Eliminated data duplication by 100%

  • Quick and easy access to employee data

  • 55% reduction in time spent on employee evaluation activities

  • Comprehensive analysis and reporting


  • Oracle ERP R12, PMS