Client background: One of the largest gas processing facilities in the Americas
Industry: Energy/Oil & Gas
Products/Services: Oracle E-business suite (ERP)

Business Challenge

  • Bring new functionalities to support its goals (delivering competitively priced, high-quality products and services)

  • Achieve customisation, append other workflows, upgrade the systems and analytically report on the Supply chain management system implemented

  • Improve outputs by reducing the gap between Sales and the supply of all-natural gas and liquid products

  • Upgrade Oracle E-business suite to R12 to help connect to the supply chain

Business Solution

  • Facilitated Supply chain and ERP customisation

  • Designed developed and deployed workflow modification to calculate the split ratio automatically

  • Enabled elimination of Data loader script to load Sales order

  • Provided exclusions of required streams from the calculation

  • Implemented solution covering related business cases (Return and Bill only Orders)

      • The Split ratio calculation to be different in case of Return Orders
      • The Revenue calculation to be properly distributed in case of Bill Only Orders. These cases were handled in the solution.
  • Built Automated reporting module in

      • Calculations to reflect the inventory was automated on the system and was immediate as Sales Order was processed
      • Daily calculations to populate and aggregate Sales, Financials, Purchasing, inventory Order Management Quality, Core HR Payroll and EAM
      • Users were able slice, drill-down and aggregate the data by Product, Market-zone, and Time period

Business Benefits

  • The Revenue against each profit centres became realistic since the Split ratio is based on Stock available at that point in time

  • A fully automated process resulting in the elimination of data loading sales into Oracle

  • Sales Order entry time reduced drastically

  • Flexible enough to allow some sales to be allocated directly to a specific segment i.e. without being split

  • Addressed all related business processes enabling a common process to be followed in Sales Order entry

  • Avoided manual error in data input


  • Oracle E-business suite