Client background:A leading and reliable provider of warehousing, courier, freight and delivery service to businesses throughout US
Industry: Transportation & Logistics
Products/Services: Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT for Logistics & Transportation

Business Challenge

  • Inefficiencies in managing fleet leading to increase in the operational expenditure and low profit margins

  • The client wanted to automate the vehicle route system and reporting

Business Solution

  • Using RoR framework, Acuma created the administrator module

  • The delivery personnel on field have electronic proof of delivery mobile app to receive notifications about assignment, routes.

  • The mobile app also captures temperature data from the refrigerators, fitted with a device having temperature sensor and Bluetooth.

  • The data is sent to the cloud based application for analytics. Also, the indoor location of the delivery person at the labs was being captured using these devices which doubled as beacons

Business Benefits

  • Automated the operations and made it robust

  • Realtime temperature & route monitoring

  • 50% increase in Operational Efficiency

  • 38% increase in profitability

  • Predictive analytics & reports

  • Operation uncertainties are managed better


  • RubyonRails | AWS