Client background: California based company providing secure video collaboration platform designed for healthcare industry.

Integrating TeleHealth into Clinical Practices

Business Challenge

  • Leverage video collaboration platform to provide remote patient consultation

  • Solution that will integrate with the practice EMR system / Athena health portal

  • Automate the appointment scheduling (including cancel, reschedule), mails to patients

  • Initiate Video from the Athena system

Business Solution

  • Understand the appointment workflow was built between the Athena Patient portal (Athena Communicator) and Athena Clinical

  • Leverage Mirth Connect to fulfil use cases and tested to address each use case requirements

  • Developed RESTful API’s on the telehealth platform

Business Benefits

  • Ability to schedule secure online consultation appointments

  • Enhanced user experience, both provider and patient could collaborate from one single application

  • Providers could capture notes while the video session is active

  • Overall a win-win solution for the entire ecosystem


  • Mirth Connect

  • Athena Communicator