Reporting as a Managed Service (RaaMS)

As data from disparate sources and channels continue to grow, organisations face the uphill task of collating, managing and reaping value from data. Robust data management, information management and reporting capabilities underpin enterprise efforts to accelerate the data-to-decision making cycle. Where reducing decision cycles have grown into an absolute imperative, Reporting as a service (RaaS) gives organisations the lead to promote effective information management and reporting, facilitate quick decision making and nurture successful business outcomes.
Acuma’s Reporting as a Service comes as a packaged service offering catering to the decision-support needs of an enterprise. Our Reporting as a service is built to accelerate time to insights and facilitate faster decision making. Whether you want to assess performance, understand risks and opportunities, we help you strengthen your reporting capabilities, leverage our RaaS solution to forecast growth, read trends and realize the true potentials of data.

From integrating data from disparate sources and overcoming the challenge of reporting in silos to creating a single reporting platform, organisations face hurdles in promoting robust data management and data reporting. We keep RaaS at the forefront to help you maximize value from data collection and reporting, eliminate the need to build, manage and optimize your reporting environment.

Acuma’s visual analytics capabilities allow organisations to gain visual insights from data, empowering organisations to leverage actionable intelligence through dashboards, CXO dashboards, operational reporting and strategic reporting. Our dashboard and reporting solutions help organisations meet their daily reporting requirements, support decision-making with robust visual analytics and data reporting capabilities.
Leveraging our RaaS solution, you can achieve greater business agility, enhance the overall intelligent quotient, reduce operational costs and drive successful outcomes through intelligence-led decision making.

RaaMS also packages the following in all phases of the managed service:


Acuma’s Reporting as a Managed Service (RaaMS) has increased business centricity, reduced operational cost and enhances business intelligence of an organisation. Utilising RaaMS, you can achieve greater business agility by providing predictive analytics and enabling decision making on the basis of the data from across the enterprise.

Business Benefits

    • Increased business centricity
    • Reduced operational cost
    • Enhanced business intelligence
    • Improves business agility


Our Information Management includes

Business Intelligence

Most organisations have multiple business applications to support their operational requirements...


Enterprise information management capabilities mature over time, and with maturity...

Migration and Conversion

Migration extends the robust information infrastructure and integrates seamlessly with...

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