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Information Management Specialists

Business Intelligence and Information Management solutions provide better decision making to drive revenue, increase profitability and reduce costs. From strategic consultancy and the delivery of niche technical services, to a complete Information Management solution, Acuma offers end-to-end solutions, together with support and training. Our complementary services in Web Development and Testing bring an unmatched value proposition.

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acumasolutions Personal Predictive Analytics: Should We Be Careful What We Wish For?
acumasolutions #Consumerisation has impacted every aspect and has altered expectations of the people.
acumasolutions #Consumerisation of data will allow people and companies information on the go.
acumasolutions #predictiveanalytics uses historical and transactional data to identify risks and opportunities.
acumasolutions Acuma’s #predictiveanalytics helps predict trends for brands like #RiverIsland and #MarksandSpencers.
acumasolutions The Analytics of Things and how it fits with the Internet of Things
acumasolutions Visual presentation of #data is the primary function of #dashboards.
acumasolutions With the help of #KPI’s a business can identify the difference between #trends and anomalies in the business process.

Technical Services

Technical ServicesTailored to our client’s needs, we design and deliver technical services for a range of technologies. We work with clients to fulfil their requirement and leave them with the right skills for the future.  



TrainingOur training is delivered by accredited consultant trainers. The quality of our training services is recognised by the LPI and we have achieved Gold Standard for the 13th year running.   



Support Our accredited support team provide Product Support, Application Support and our Managed Service package, for your Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse support and maintenance. 


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